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zilch, n. esp. US sl. nothing.

20th c.: orig. uncert.



aught, cipher, goose egg, insignificancy, nada, naught, nichts, nihil, nil, nix, no such thing, nobody, nothing, nothing at all, nothing on earth, nothing whatever, nullity, thing of naught, whiffet, whippersnapper, zero




N zero, nothing, null, nul, naught, nought, void, cipher, goose egg, none, nobody, no one, nichts, nixie, nix, zilch, zip, zippo, not a soul, ame qui vive, absence, unsubstantiality, not one, not a one, not any, nary a one, not a, never a, not a whit of, not an iota of, not a drop of, not a speck of, not a jot, not a trace of, not a hint of, not a smidgen of, not a suspicion of, not a shadow of, neither hide nor hair of.

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