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wrassen. [W. gwrachen.].
     Any one of numerous edible, marine, spiny-finned fishes of the genus Labrus, of which several species are found in the Mediterranean and on the Atlantic coast of Europe. Many of the species are bright-colored.  [1913 Webster]
    " Among the European species are the ballan wrasse (Labrus maculatus), the streaked wrasse (Labrus lineatus), the red wrasse (Labrus mixtus), the comber wrasse (Labrus comber), the blue-striped, or cook, wrasse (see Peacock fish, under Peacock), the rainbow wrasse (Labrus vulgaris), and the seawife."  [1913 Webster]


wrasse, n. any bright-coloured marine fish of the family Labridae with thick lips and strong teeth.

Corn. wrach, var. of gwrach, = Welsh gwrach, lit. 'old woman'

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