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whitlown. [Prov. E. whickflaw, for quickflaw, i. e., a flaw or sore at the quick; cf. Icel. kvika the quick under the nail or under a horse's hoof. See Quick, a., and Flaw.].
  •  An inflammation of the fingers or toes, generally of the last phalanx, terminating usually in suppuration. The inflammation may occupy any seat between the skin and the bone, but is usually applied to a felon or inflammation of the periosteal structures of the bone.  [1913 Webster]
  •  An inflammatory disease of the feet. It occurs round the hoof, where an acrid matter is collected.  [1913 Webster]
Whitlow grass (Bot.), name given to several inconspicuous herbs, which were thought to be a cure for the whitlow, as Saxifraga tridactylites, Draba verna, and several species of Paronychia.


whitlow, n. an inflammation near a fingernail or toenail.

ME whitflaw, -flow, app. = WHITE + FLAW(1) in the sense 'crack', but perh. of LG orig.: cf. Du. fijt, LG fit whitlow

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