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whip hand


Noun Phrase


whip hand

advantage, ascendance, ascendancy, authority, balance of power, bulge, charisma, charm, clout, coign of vantage, consequence, control, credit, dominance, dominancy, domination, dominion, drop, edge, effect, eminence, eminent domain, enchantment, esteem, favor, flying start, force, good feeling, head start, hold, importance, incidental power, influence, influentiality, inside track, insinuation, jump, leadership, leverage, magnetism, mastery, moment, odds, overlordship, personality, persuasion, potency, power, predominance, predominancy, predomination, preeminence, preponderance, prepotence, prepotency, pressure, prestige, primacy, principality, purchase, reign, repute, rule, running start, say, something extra, something in reserve, sovereignty, start, suasion, subtle influence, suggestion, superiority, supremacy, suzerainship, suzerainty, sway, upper hand, vantage, vantage ground, vantage point, victory, weight


whip hand


N success, successfulness, speed, advance, trump card, hit, stroke, score, lucky hit, fortunate hit, good hit, good stroke, direct hit, bull's eye, goal, point, touchdown, home run, homer, hole-in-one, grand slam, killing, windfall bold stroke, master stroke, ten strike, coup de maitre, checkmate, half the battle, prize, profit, continued success, good fortune, time well spent, advantage over, upper hand, whip hand, ascendancy, mastery, expugnation, conquest, victory, subdual, subjugation, triumph, proficiency, conqueror, victor, winner, master of the situation, master of the position, top of the heap, king of the hill, achiever, success, success story, succeeding, successful, prosperous, triumphant, flushed with success, crowned with success, victorious, on top, set up, in the ascendant, unbeaten (beat), well-spent, felicitous, effective, in full swing, successfully, well flying colors, in triumph, swimmingly, a merveille, beyond all hope, to some purpose, to good purpose, to one's heart's content, veni vidi vici, the day being one's own, one's star in the ascendant, omne tulit punctum, bis vincit qui se vincit in victoria, cede repugnanti cedendo victor abibis, chacun est l'artisan de sa fortune, dies faustus, l'art de vaincre est celui de mepriser la mort, omnia vincit amor, love conquers all, peace hath her victories no less renowned than war, the race by vigor not by vaunts is won, vincit qui patitur, vincit qui se vincit, The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that's the way to bet.

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