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81 in 78 verses (in OT : 47 in 44 verses) (in NT : 34 in 34 verses)


wheneveradv. & conj. 
     At whatever time.  Milton.  [1913 Webster]


whenever, conj. & adv.
1 at whatever time; on whatever occasion.
2 every time that.

or whenever colloq. or at any similar time.



anytime, at any time, at what time, at whatever time, at which, at which time, if ever, in what period, in which time, no matter when, on what occasion, on which occasion, once, upon which, what time, when, when as, whensoever, whereupon



Different time

N different time, other time, aorist, aoristic, indefinite, at that time, at which time, at that moment, at that instant, then, on that occasion, upon, not now, some other time, when, whenever, whensoever, upon which, on which occasion, at another time, at a different time, at some other time, at any time, at various times, some one of these days, one of these days, one fine morning, eventually, some day, by and by, sooner or later, some time or other, once upon a time.

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