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     Heavy plank or timber extending fore and aft the whole length of a vessel's deck at the line of junction with the sides, forming a channel to the scuppers, which are cut through it. In iron vessels the waterway is variously constructed.  [1913 Webster]


waterway, n.
1 a navigable channel.
2 a route for travel by water.
3 a thick plank at the outer edge of a deck along which a channel is hollowed for water to run off by.



adolescent stream, approaches, aqueduct, arroyo, beck, bed, bourn, braided stream, branch, brook, brooklet, burn, canal, channel, creek, creek bed, crick, culvert, donga, dry bed, fairway, flowing stream, flume, fluviation, fresh, freshet, gill, gulch, gully, gullyhole, headrace, irrigation ditch, kill, lazy stream, meandering stream, midchannel, midstream, millstream, moving road, navigable river, nullah, race, racing stream, river, river bed, riverway, rivulet, road, run, rundle, runlet, runnel, sea lane, seaway, ship route, sike, sluice, spill stream, spillbox, spillway, steamer track, stream, stream action, stream bed, streamlet, streamway, subterranean river, swash, swash channel, tailrace, wadi, water carrier, water channel, water furrow, water gap, water gate, watercourse, waterworks

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