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     Any bird that frequents the water, or lives about rivers, lakes, etc., or on or near the sea; an aquatic fowl; -- used also collectively.  [1913 Webster]
    " Of aquatic fowls, some are waders, or furnished with long legs; others are swimmers, or furnished with webbed feet."  [1913 Webster]


waterfowl, n. (usu. collect. as pl.) birds frequenting water, esp. swimming game-birds.



avifauna, baby bird, bird, bird of Jove, bird of Juno, bird of Minerva, bird of night, bird of passage, bird of prey, birdie, birdlife, birdy, cage bird, chick, cygnet, diving bird, dove, eagle, eaglet, fish-eating bird, fledgling, flightless bird, fowl, fruit-eating bird, fulmar, game bird, insect-eating bird, migrant, migratory bird, nestling, oscine bird, owl, passerine bird, peacock, peafowl, peahen, perching bird, pigeon, ratite, sea bird, seed-eating bird, shore bird, songbird, squab, storm petrel, stormy petrel, swan, wading bird, warbler, water bird, wildfowl

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