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wasted | wasteful | wastefully | wastefulness | wastel | wasteland | wasteness | wastepaper basket | waster | wastethrift | wastewater


14 in 14 verses (in OT : 14 in 14 verses)


wasteland, n.
1 an unproductive or useless area of land.
2 a place or time considered spiritually or intellectually barren.



Arabia Deserta, Death Valley, Sahara, back country, backwoods, barren, barren land, barrens, boondock, boondocks, borderland, brush, bush, bush country, bushveld, desert, desolation, dust bowl, forests, frontier, heath, hinterland, howling wilderness, karroo, lunar landscape, lunar waste, outback, outpost, salt flat, the bush, timbers, uninhabited region, up-country, virgin land, virgin territory, waste, weary waste, wild, wild West, wilderness, wildness, wilds, woodlands, woods

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