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wash out



wash outv. i. & t. 
  •  to be removed by washing; -- of spots and stains, especially on clothing.  [PJC]
  •  to be removed, broken, or destroyed by the action of flowing water; as, the bridge was washed out by the flood.  [PJC]
  •  to fail in a course of study or training, especially to leave before completion of the course.  [PJC]


wash out

achromatize, baptize, bath, bathe, blanch, bleach, bust, cashier, cast, decolor, decolorize, dim, discolor, douche, drain, drain of color, dull, etiolate, fade, fail, flummox, flunk, flunk out, flush, flush out, fume, gargle, holystone, irrigate, jettison, junk, lather, launder, lave, mop, mop up, pale, peroxide, reject, rinse, rinse out, ritually immerse, scour, scrap, scrub, scrub up, shampoo, shed, shower, slough, sluice, sluice out, soap, sponge, swab, syringe, tarnish, throw away, toivel, tone down, tub, wash, wash up, whiten


wash out


VB lose color, fade, fly, go, become colorless, turn pale, pale, deprive of color, decolorize, bleach, tarnish, achromatize, blanch, etiolate, wash out, tone down.


VB efface, obliterate, erase, raze, rase, expunge, cancel, blot out, take out, rub out, scratch out, strike out, wipe out, wash out, sponge out, wipe off, rub off, wipe away, deface, render illegible, draw the pen through, apply the sponge, be effaced, leave no trace, leave not a rack behind.

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