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wapentaken. [AS. wpengec, wpentāc, from Icel. vāpnatāk, literally, a weapon taking or weapon touching, hence an expression of assent (“si displicuit sententia fremitu aspernantur; sin placuit frameas concutiunt.” Tacitus, “Germania,” xi.). See Weapon, and Take. This name had its origin in a custom of touching lances or spears when the hundreder, or chief, entered on his office. “Cum quis accipiebat præfecturam wapentachii, die statuto in loco ubi consueverant congregari, omnes majores natu contra eum conveniebant, et descendente eo de equo suo, omnes assurgebant ei. Ipse vero, erecta lancea sua, ab omnibus secundum morem fWæpnu enim arma sonat; tac, tactus est -- hac de causa totus ille conventus dicitur Wapentac, eo quod per tactum armorum suorum ad invicem confL L. Edward Confessor, 33. D. Wilkins.].
     In some northern counties of England, a division, or district, answering to the hundred in other counties. Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and Nottinghamshire are divided into wapentakes, instead of hundreds.  Selden. Blackstone.  [1913 Webster]


wapentake, n. Brit. hist. (in areas of England with a large Danish population) a division of a shire; a hundred.

OE w{aelig}pen(ge)t{aelig}c f. ON v{aacute}pnatak f. v{aacute}pn weapon + tak taking f. taka TAKE: perh. with ref. to voting in assembly by show of weapons

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