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Noun, Verb (intransitive)


wamblev. i. [Cf. Dan. vamle, and vammel squeamish, ready to vomit, Icel. væma to feel nausea, væminn nauseous.].
  •  To heave; to be disturbed by nausea; -- said of the stomach.  L'Estrange.  [1913 Webster]
  •  To move irregularly to and fro; to roll.  [1913 Webster]
     Disturbance of the stomach; a feeling of nausea.  Holland.  [1913 Webster]



amble, barge, bowl along, bundle, circle, circulate, circumrotate, circumvolute, clump, crank, drag, flounce, foot, footslog, go around, go round, gyrate, gyre, halt, hippety-hop, hitch, hobble, hop, jog, jolt, jump, limp, lumber, lunge, lurch, mince, pace, paddle, peg, piaffe, piaffer, pirouette, pivot, plod, prance, rack, revolve, roll, rotate, round, sashay, saunter, screw, scuff, scuffle, scuttle, shamble, shuffle, sidle, single-foot, skip, slink, slither, slog, slouch, spin, stagger, stalk, stamp, stomp, straddle, straggle, stride, stroll, strut, stump, swagger, swing, swivel, tittup, toddle, totter, traipse, trip, trudge, turn, turn a pirouette, turn around, turn round, twist, waddle, wheel, wiggle, wind, wobble




VB fluctuate, vary, waver, flounder, flicker, flitter, flit, flutter, shift, shuffle, shake, totter, tremble, vacillate, wamble, turn and turn about, ring the changes, sway to and fro, shift to and fro, change and change about, waffle, blow with the wind (irresolute), oscillate, vibrate between, two extremes, oscillate between, two extremes, alternate, have as man phases as the moon.


VB mislike misrelish, dislike, disrelish, mind, object to, have rather not, would rather not, prefer not to, not care for, have a dislike for, conceive a dislike to, entertain a dislike for, take a dislike to, have an aversion to, have an aversion for, have no taste for, have no stomach for, shun, avoid, eschew, withdraw from, shrink from, recoil from, not be able to bear, not be able to abide, not be able to endure, shrug the shoulders at, shudder at, turn up the nose at, look askance at, make a mouth, make a wry face, make a grimace, make faces, loathe, nauseate, abominate, detest, abhor, hate, take amiss, have enough of, wish away, unwish cause dislike, excite dislike, disincline, repel, sicken, make sick, render sick, turn one's stomach, nauseate, wamble, disgust, shock, stink in the nostrils, go against the grain, go against the stomach, stick in the throat, make one's blood run cold, pall.


VB oscillate, vibrate, librate, alternate, undulate, wave, rock, swing, pulsate, beat, wag, waggle, nod, bob, courtesy, curtsy, tick, play, wamble, wabble, dangle, swag, fluctuate, dance, curvet, reel, quake, quiver, quaver, shake, flicker, wriggle, roll, toss, pitch, flounder, stagger, totter, move up and down, bob up and down, pass and repass, ebb and flow, come and go, vacillate, teeter, brandish, shake, flourish.

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