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wall street


Noun Phrase


wall street,  
     A street towards the southern end of the borough of Manhattan, New York City, extending from Broadway to the East River; -- so called from the old wall which extended along it when the city belonged to the Dutch. It is the chief financial center of the United States, hence the name is often used for the money market and the financial interests of the country; -- in American financial publications, also referred to as the street.  [Webster 1913 Suppl.]


wall street, n. the American financial world or money market.

street in New York City where banks, the Stock Exchange, etc. are situated


wall street

n. A symbol for sin for every devil to rebuke. That Wall Street is a den of thieves is a belief that serves every unsuccessful thief in place of a hope in Heaven. Even the great and good Andrew Carnegie has made his profession of faith in the matter.

Carnegie the dauntless has uttered his call
To battle: "The brokers are parasites all!"
Carnegie, Carnegie, you'll never prevail;
Keep the wind of your slogan to belly your sail,
Go back to your isle of perpetual brume,
Silence your pibroch, doff tartan and plume:
Ben Lomond is calling his son from the fray --
Fly, fly from the region of Wall Street away!
While still you're possessed of a single baubee
(I wish it were pledged to endowment of me)
'Twere wise to retreat from the wars of finance
Lest its value decline ere your credit advance.
For a man 'twixt a king of finance and the sea,
Carnegie, Carnegie, your tongue is too free!
Anonymus Bink


wall street

American Stock Exchange, Amex, Dow-Jones Industrial Average, Lombard Street, board, bourse, commodity exchange, competitive market, corn pit, curb, curb exchange, curb market, exchange, exchange floor, financial district, long market, market index, open market, outside market, over-the-counter market, pit, quotation board, spotty market, steady market, stiff market, stock exchange, stock market, stock price index, stock ticker, strong market, telephone market, the Big Board, the Exchange, the Street, the market, third market, ticker, ticker market, ticker tape, top-heavy market, unsteady market, weak market, wheat pit

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