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walking stick


Noun Phrase
walk=ing stick


walking stick

Malacca cane, advocate, alpenstock, arm, athletic supporter, back, backbone, backing, bandeau, baton, bearer, bra, brace, bracer, bracket, brassiere, buttress, cane, carrier, cervix, corset, crook, crosier, cross, cross-staff, crutch, crutch-stick, foundation garment, fulcrum, girdle, guy, guywire, handstaff, jock, jockstrap, lituus, mainstay, maintainer, mast, neck, pastoral staff, paterissa, prop, quarterstaff, reinforce, reinforcement, reinforcer, rest, resting place, rigging, shillelagh, shoulder, shroud, spine, sprit, staff, standing rigging, stave, stay, stick, stiffener, strengthener, support, supporter, sustainer, swagger stick, swanking stick, upholder

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