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viva voce


Noun Phrase, Verb (usu participle), Adjective, Adverb
vi=va vo=ce


viva voce,  [L.].
     By word of mouth; orally.  [1913 Webster]


viva voce, adj., adv., n., & v.
--adj. oral.
--adv. orally.
--n. an oral examination for an academic qualification.
--v.tr. (viva-voce) (-vocees, -voceed, -voceing) examine orally.

med.L, = with the living voice


viva voce

articulate, articulated, enunciated, lingual, linguistic, nuncupative, oral, orally, parol, pronounced, said, sonant, sounded, speech, spoken, unwritten, uttered, verbal, verbally, vocal, vocalized, vocally, voiced, voiceful


viva voce


N speech, faculty of speech, locution, talk, parlance, verbal intercourse, prolation, oral communication, word of mouth, parole, palaver, prattle, effusion, oration, recitation, delivery, say, speech, lecture, harangue, sermon, tirade, formal speech, peroration, speechifying, soliloquy, allocution, conversation, salutatory : screed: valedictory, oratory, elocution, eloquence, rhetoric, declamation, grandiloquence, multiloquence, burst of eloquence, facundity, flow of words, command of words, command of language, copia verborum, power of speech, gift of the gab, usus loquendi, speaker, spokesman, prolocutor, interlocutor, mouthpiece, Hermes, orator, oratrix, oratress, Demosthenes, Cicero, rhetorician, stump orator, platform orator, speechmaker, patterer, improvisatore, speaking, spoken, oral, lingual, phonetic, not written, unwritten, outspoken, eloquent, elocutionary, oratorical, rhetorical, declamatory, grandiloquent, talkative, Ciceronian, nuncupative, Tullian, orally, by word of mouth, viva voce, from the lips of, quoth he, said he, action is eloquence, pour the full tide of eloquence along, she speaks poignards and every word stabs, speech is but broken light upon the depth of the u, to try thy eloquence now 'tis time.

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