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2 in 3 verses (in OT : 1 in 2 verses) (in NT : 1 in 1 verses)


visitor,  [Cf. F. visiteur.].
  •  One who visits; one who comes or goes to see another, as in civility or friendship.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
  •  A superior, or a person lawfully appointed for the purpose, who makes formal visits of inspection to a corporation or an institution. See Visit, v. t., 2, and Visitation, n., 2.  [1913 Webster]
    "The king is the visitor of all lay corporations."  [1913 Webster]


visitor, n.
1 a person who visits a person or place.
2 a migratory bird present in a locality for part of the year (winter visitor).
3 Brit. (in a college etc.) an official with the right or duty of occasionally inspecting and reporting.

visitors' book a book in which visitors to a hotel, church, embassy, etc., write their names and addresses and sometimes remarks.
ME f. AF visitour, OF visiteur (as VISIT)



Big Brother, aficionado, arrival, attender, audience, auditor, boatswain, boss, buff, caller, chief, comer, company, comptroller, controller, entrant, examinant, examiner, fan, floor manager, floorman, floorwalker, foreman, freeloader, frequenter, gaffer, ganger, gate-crasher, guest, guests, habitue, haunter, head, headman, immigrant, in-migrant, incomer, inspector, intruder, investigator, monitor, moocher, newcomer, noncommissioned officer, observer, overman, overseer, patron, proctor, scrutineer, settler, sirdar, slave driver, spectator, straw boss, subforeman, super, superintendent, supervisor, surveyor, taskmaster, tester, theatergoer, uninvited guest, visitant, visitator




N director, manager, governor, rector, comptroller, superintendent, supervisor, straw boss, intendant, overseer, overlooker, supercargo, husband, inspector, visitor, ranger, surveyor, aedile, moderator, monitor, taskmaster, master, leader, ringleader, demagogue, corypheus, conductor, fugleman, precentor, bellwether, agitator, caporal, choregus, collector, file leader, flugelman, linkboy, guiding star, adviser, guide, pilot, helmsman, steersman, steermate, wire-puller, driver, whip, Jehu, charioteer, coachman, carman, cabman, postilion, vetturino, muleteer, arriero, teamster, whipper in, head, head man, head center, boss, principal, president, speaker, chair, chairman, chairwoman, chairperson, captain, superior, mayor, vice president, prime minister, premier, vizier, grand vizier, eparch, officer, functionary, minister, official, red-tapist, bureaucrat, man in office, Jack in office, office bearer, person in authority, statesman, strategist, legislator, lawgiver, politician, statist, statemonger, Minos, Draco, arbiter, boss, political dictator, board, secretary, secretary of state, Reis Effendi, vicar, steward, factor, agent, bailiff, middleman, foreman, clerk of works, landreeve, factotum, major-domo, seneschal, housekeeper, shepherd, croupier, proctor, procurator, ex officio.


N friend, friend of one's bosom, alter ego, best friend, bosom friend, soulmate, fast friend, amicus, usque ad aras, fidus Achates, persona grata, acquaintance, neighbor, next-door neighbor, casual acquaintance, nodding acquaintance, wellwisher, favorer, fautor, patron, Mecaenas, tutelary saint, good genius, advocate, partisan, sympathizer, ally, friend in need, comrade, mate, companion, familiar, confrere, comrade, camarade, confidante, intimate, old crony, crony, chum, pal, buddy, bosom buddy, playfellow, playmate, childhood friend, bedfellow, bedmate, chamber fellow, associate, colleague, compeer, schoolmate, schoolfellow, classfellow, classman, classmate, roommate, fellow-man, stable companion, best man, maid of honor, matron of honor, compatriot, fellow countryman, countryman, shopmate, fellow-worker, shipmate, messmate, fellow companion, boon companion, pot companion, copartner, partner, senior partner, junior partner, Arcades ambo Pylades and Orestes Castor and Pollux, Nisus and Euryalus, Damon and Pythias, par nobile fratrum, host, Amphitryon, Boniface, guest, visitor, prot_eg_e, amici probantur rebus adversis, ohne bruder kann man leben nicht ohne Freund, best friend, my well-spring in the wilderness, conocidos muchos amigos pocos, friend more divine than all divinities, vida sin amigo muerte sin testigo.

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