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vice versa


vi=ce ver=sa


vice versa, adj. with the order of the terms or conditions changed; the other way round (could go from left to right or vice versa).

L, = the position being reversed (as VICE(3), versa ablat. fem. past part. of vertere turn)


vice versa

a rebours, against the grain, alternately, arsy-varsy, back and forth, backward and forward, backwards, backwards and forwards, bottom side up, bottom up, by contraries, contra, contrarily, contrariously, contrariwise, contrary, contrawise, conversely, head over heels, heels over head, in flat opposition, inversely, just the opposite, mutatis mutandis, nay rather, on the contrary, oppositely, otherwise, over, per contra, quite the contrary, rather, reciprocally, reversed, seesaw, to and fro, to the contrary, topsy-turvy, tout au contraire, turned around, upside down


vice versa


N correlation, reciprocalness, reciprocity, reciprocation, mutuality, correlation, interdependence, interrelation, connection, link, association, interchange, exchange, barter, reciprocator, reprocitist, reciprocal, mutual, commutual, correlative, reciprocative, interrelated, closely related, alternate, interchangeable, interdependent, international, complemental, complementary, mutually, mutatis mutandis, vice versa, each other, one another, by turns, reciprocally, happy in our mutual help.


N contrariety, contrast, foil, antithesis, oppositeness, contradiction, antagonism, clashing, repugnance, inversion, the opposite, the reverse, the inverse, the converse, the antipodes, the antithesis, the other extreme, contrary, contrarious, contrariant, opposite, counter, dead against, converse, reverse, opposed, antithetical, contrasted, antipodean, antagonistic, opposing, conflicting, inconsistent, contradictory, at cross purposes, negative, hostile, differing toto coelo, diametrically opposite, diametrically opposed, as opposite as black and white, as opposite as light and darkness, as opposite as fire and water, as opposite as the poles, as different as night and day, Hyperion to a satyr, quite the contrary, quite the reverse, no such thing, just the other way, tout au contraire, contrarily, contra, contrariwise, per contra, on the contrary, nay rather, vice versa, on the other hand, all concord's born of contraries, Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.


N interchange, exchange, commutation, permutation, intermutation, reciprocation, transposition, rearrangement, shuffling, alternation, reciprocity, castling (at chess), hocus-pocus, interchangeableness, interchangeability, recombination, combination, barter, tit for tat, cross fire, battledore and shuttlecock, quid pro quo, interchanged, reciprocal, mutual, commutative, interchangeable, intercurrent, combinatorial, recombinant, in exchange, vice versa, mutatis mutandis, backwards and forwards, by turns, turn and turn about, each in his turn, everyone in his turn.

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