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Noun, Verb (transitive), Verb (intransitive)


trucklen. [Dim. of truck a wheel; or from the kindred L. trochlea a block, sheaf containing one or more pulleys. See Truck a wheel.].
     A small wheel or caster.  Hudibras.  [1913 Webster]
trucklev. i. [From truckle in truckle-bed, in allusion to the fact that the truckle-bed on which the pupil slept was rolled under the large bed of the master.].
     To yield or bend obsequiously to the will of another; to submit; to creep.  Burke.  [1913 Webster]
    "Religion itself is forced to truckle to worldly poliey."  [1913 Webster]
trucklev. t. 
     To roll or move upon truckles, or casters; to trundle.  [1913 Webster]


truckle, n. & v.
1 (in full truckle-bed) a low bed on wheels that can be stored under a larger bed.
2 orig. dial. a small barrel-shaped cheese.
--v.intr. (foll. by to) submit obsequiously.

truckler n.
orig. = wheel, pulley, f. AF trocle f. L trochlea pulley



apple-polish, bootlick, bow, brown-nose, butter up, cower, crawl, cringe, defer, fall all over, fawn upon, follow, genuflect, grovel, knuckle down, knuckle under, kowtow, quail, salaam, scrape, submit, succumb, suck up to, tag, tail, toady, trail, yield

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