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trogonn. [NL.].
     Any one of numerous species of beautiful tropical birds belonging to the family Trogonidæ. They are noted for the brilliant colors and the resplendent luster of their plumage.  [1913 Webster]
    " Some of the species have a train of long brilliant feathers lying over the tail and consisting of the upper tail coverts. Unlike other birds having two toes directed forward and two backward, they have the inner toe turned backward. A few species are found in Africa and India, but the greater number, including the most brilliant species, are found in tropical America. See Illust. of Quesal."  [1913 Webster]


trogon, n. any tropical bird of the family Trogonidae, with a long tail and brilliantly coloured plumage.

mod.L f. Gk trogon f. trogo gnaw

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