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  •  One who trips or supplants; also, one who walks or trips nimbly; a dancer.  [1913 Webster]
  •  An excursionist.  [1913 Webster]


tripper, n.
1 Brit. a person who goes on a pleasure trip or excursion.
2 colloq. a person experiencing hallucinatory effects of a drug.



LSD user, acidhead, addict, adventurer, alcoholic, alpinist, astronaut, camper, chain smoker, climber, cocaine sniffer, cokie, comers and goers, commuter, cosmopolite, cruiser, cubehead, dipsomaniac, dope fiend, doper, drug abuser, drug addict, drug user, drunkard, excursionist, explorer, fare, fiend, freak, globe-girdler, globe-trotter, glue sniffer, goer, habitual, hajji, head, heavy smoker, hophead, hype, jet set, jet-setter, journeyer, junkie, marijuana smoker, mariner, methhead, mountaineer, narcotics addict, palmer, passenger, passerby, pathfinder, pilgrim, pillhead, pioneer, pothead, rubberneck, rubbernecker, sailor, sightseer, snowbird, speed freak, straphanger, tourer, tourist, trailblazer, trailbreaker, transient, traveler, trekker, user, viator, visiting fireman, voortrekker, voyager, voyageur, wayfarer, world-traveler

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