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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Adjective


triplea. [L. triplus; tri- (see Tri-) + -plus, as in duplus double: cf. F. triple. See Double, and cf. Treble.].
  •  Consisting of three united; multiplied by three; threefold; as, a triple knot; a triple tie.  [1913 Webster]
    "By thy triple shape as thou art seen."  [1913 Webster]
  •  Three times repeated; treble. See Treble.  [1913 Webster]
  •  One of three; third.  Shak.  [1913 Webster]
Triple crown, the crown, or tiara, of the pope. See Tiara, 2.<-- (b) (Sport) The championship in three specific categories of a sport in one year, if won by a single contender; as (Baseball) The championship in batting average, home runs, and runs batted in (RBI's) in one league. --> -- Triple-expansion steam engine, a compound steam engine in which the same steam performs work in three cylinders successively. -- Triple measure (Mus.), a measure of tree beats of which first only is accented. -- Triple ratio (Math.), a ratio which is equal to 3. -- Triple salt (Chem.), a salt containing three distinct basic atoms as radicals; thus, microcosmic salt is a triple salt. -- Triple star (Astron.), a system of three stars in close proximity. -- Triple time (Mus.), that time in which each measure is divided into three equal parts. -- Triple valve, in an automatic air brake for railroad cars, the valve under each car, by means of which the brake is controlled by a change of pressure in the air pipe leading from the locomotive.
triplev. i. [Cf. F. tripler. See Triple, a.].
     To make threefold, or thrice as much or as many; to treble; as, to triple the tax on coffee.  [1913 Webster]


triple, adj., n., & v.
1 consisting of three usu. equal parts or things; threefold.
2 involving three parties.
3 three times as much or many (triple the amount; triple thickness).
1 a threefold number or amount.
2 a set of three.
3 (in pl.) a peal of changes on seven bells.
--v.tr. & intr. multiply or increase by three.

triple crown
1 RC Ch. the pope's tiara.
2 the act of winning all three of a group of important events in horse-racing, rugby football, etc. triple jump an athletic exercise or contest comprising a hop, a step, and a jump. triple play Baseball the act of putting out three runners in a row. triple rhyme a rhyme including three syllables. triple time Mus. that with three beats to the bar; waltz time.
triply adv.
OF triple or L triplus f. Gk triplous



accelerate, aggravate, beef up, blow up, complicate, concentrate, condense, consolidate, cube, deepen, deltoid, double, enhance, exacerbate, exaggerate, fan-shaped, heat up, heighten, hop up, hot up, intensify, jazz up, key up, magnify, make complex, multiply by three, ramify, redouble, reinforce, sharpen, soup up, step up, strengthen, tern, ternal, ternary, ternate, three, three-in-one, three-ply, threefold, threesome, treble, triadic, trial, triangular, trilogic, trinal, trine, trinity, trio, triplex, triplicate, triumvirate, triune, troika, whet




N triality, trinity, triunity, three, triad, triplet, trey, trio, ternion, leash, shamrock, tierce, spike-team, trefoil, triangle, trident, triennium, trigon, trinomial, trionym, triplopia, tripod, trireme, triseme, triskele, triskelion, trisula, third power, cube, cube root, three, triform, trinal, trinomial, tertiary, ternary, triune, triarch, triadie, triple, tri-, tris-, tria juncta in uno.


VB treble, triple, triplicate, cube.

N triplication, triplicity, trebleness, trine, treble, triple, tern, ternary, triplicate, threefold, trilogistic, third, trinal, trine, three times, three fold, thrice, in the third place, thirdly, trebly.

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