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triglyphn. [L. triglyphus, Gr. ; (see Tri-) + to carve: cf. F. triglyphe.].
     An ornament in the frieze of the Doric order, repeated at equal intervals. Each triglyph consists of a rectangular tablet, slightly projecting, and divided nearly to the top by two parallel and perpendicular gutters, or channels, called glyphs, into three parts, or spaces, called femora. A half channel, or glyph, is also cut upon each of the perpendicular edges of the tablet. See Illust. of Entablature.  [1913 Webster]


triglyph, n. Archit. each of a series of tablets with three vertical grooves, alternating with metopes in a Doric frieze.

triglyphic adj. triglyphical adj.
L triglyphus f. Gk trigluphos (as TRI-, gluphe carving)

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