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     A mill worked by persons treading upon steps on the periphery of a wide wheel having a horizontal axis. It is used principally as a means of prison discipline. Also, a mill worked by horses, dogs, etc., treading an endless belt.  [1913 Webster]


treadmill, n.
1 a device for producing motion by the weight of persons or animals stepping on movable steps on the inner surface of a revolving upright wheel.
2 monotonous routine work.



beat, beaten path, branks, broken record, bureaucracy, bureaucratism, chinoiserie, clockwork regularity, constancy, crank, cucking stool, daily grind, daily round, dingdong, dirty work, donkeywork, drone, drudgery, ducking stool, employment, even pace, even tenor, fag, fatigue, finger pillory, grind, groove, handiwork, handwork, humdrum, industry, invariability, irk, irksomeness, jog trot, labor, lick, lick of work, manual labor, moil, monologue, monotone, monotonousness, monotony, orderliness, pace, pillory, rat race, red tape, red-tapeism, regularity, rote, round, routine, run, rut, sameliness, sameness, scut work, singsong, slavery, smoothness, spadework, squirrel cage, stocks, stroke, stroke of work, sweat, task, tedium, the beaten track, the daily round, the round, the squirrel cage, the treadmill, the weary round, tiresome work, toil, track, travail, trebuchet, triangle, triangles, undeviation, undifferentiation, unvariation, wearisome sameness, well-worn groove, whipping post, wooden horse, work




N scourge, rod, cane, stick, ratan, rattan, birch, birch rod, azote, blacksnake, bullwhack, chicote, kurbash, quirt, rawhide, sjambok, rod in pickle, switch, ferule, cudgel, truncheon, whip, bullwhip, lash, strap, thong, cowhide, knout, cat, cat o'nine tails, rope's end, pillory, stocks, whipping post, cucking stool, ducking stool, brank, trebuchet, trebuket, triangle, wooden horse, iron maiden, thumbscrew, boot, rack, wheel, iron heel, chinese water torture, treadmill, crank, galleys, scaffold, block, ax, guillotine, stake, cross, gallows, gibbet, tree, drop, noose, rope, halter, bowstring, death chair, electric chair, gas chamber, lethal injection, firing squad, mecate, house of correction, goaler, jailer, executioner, electrocutioner, lyncher, hangman, headsman, Jack Ketch.

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