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trauma, n. (pl. traumata or traumas)
1 any physical wound or injury.
2 physical shock following this, characterized by a drop in body temperature, mental confusion, etc.
3 Psychol. emotional shock following a stressful event, sometimes leading to long-term neurosis.

traumatize v.tr. (also -ise). traumatization n.
Gk trauma traumatos wound



abrasion, ambivalence, ambivalence of impulse, anaphylactic shock, battle fatigue, blemish, blow, break, burn, chafe, check, chip, collapse, combat fatigue, concussion, conflict, crack, crackle, craze, cut, decompensation, derangement, disturbance, emotional shock, external frustration, flash burn, fracture, fray, frazzle, frustration, gall, gash, hurt, hypoglycemic shock, incision, injury, laceration, lesion, mental shock, mortal wound, mutilation, neurogenic shock, protein shock, psychological stress, puncture, rent, rip, run, rupture, scald, scorch, scrape, scratch, scuff, second-degree burn, secondary shock, serum shock, shell shock, shock, slash, sore, stab, stab wound, stress, surgical shock, tear, thanatosis, third-degree burn, traumatism, upset, wound, wound shock, wounds immedicable, wrench

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