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Noun, Verb (usu participle)


trapesn. [See Trape.].
     A slattern; an idle, sluttish, or untidy woman.  [1913 Webster]
trapesv. i. 
     To go about in an idle or slatternly fashion; to trape; to traipse.  Thackeray.  [1913 Webster]


trapes, var. of TRAIPSE.




N bungler, blunderer, blunderhead, marplot, fumbler, lubber, duffer, dauber, stick, bad hand, poor hand, poor shot, butterfingers, no conjurer, flat, muff, slow coach, looby, lubber, swab, clod, yokel, awkward squad, blanc-bec, galoot, land lubber, fresh water sailor, fair weather sailor, horse marine, fish out of water, ass in lion's skin, jackdaw in peacock's feathers, quack, lord of misrule, sloven, slattern, trapes, amateur, novice, greenhorn (learner), il n'a pas invente' la poudre, he will never set the Thames on fire, acierta errando, aliquis in omnibus nullus in singulis.

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