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transpositionn. [F. transposition, from L. transponere, transpositum, to set over, remove, transfer; trans across, over + ponere to place. See Position.].
     The act of transposing, or the state of being transposed.  [1913 Webster]


transposition, n. the act or an instance of transposing; the state of being transposed.

transpositional adj. transpositive adj.
F transposition or LL transpositio (as TRANS-, POSITION)



alternation, avatar, battledore and shuttlecock, catabolism, catalysis, communication, commutation, conduction, consubstantiation, contagion, convection, cooperation, counterchange, cross fire, delivery, deportation, diapedesis, diffusion, displacement, dissemination, ectropion, eversion, exchange, export, exportation, expulsion, extradition, give-and-take, heterotopia, import, importation, interchange, intermutation, interplay, introversion, intussusception, invagination, inversion, lex talionis, measure for measure, metabolism, metagenesis, metamorphism, metamorphosis, metastasis, metathesis, metempsychosis, migration, mutant, mutated form, mutation, mutual admiration, mutual support, mutual transfer, mutuality, osmosis, passage, passing over, perfusion, permutation, pronation, quid pro quo, reciprocality, reciprocation, reciprocity, reincarnation, resupination, retaliation, retroflexion, retroversion, reversal, reversing, reversion, revulsion, something for something, sport, spread, spreading, supination, tit for tat, topsy-turviness, topsy-turvydom, transanimation, transduction, transfer, transfer of property, transference, transfiguration, transfigurement, transformation, transformism, transfusion, transit, transition, translation, translocation, transmigration, transmigration of souls, transmission, transmittal, transmittance, transmogrification, transmutation, transplacement, transplantation, transposal, transubstantiation, travel, turning back, turning backwards, turning inside out, turning inward, turning over




N interchange, exchange, commutation, permutation, intermutation, reciprocation, transposition, rearrangement, shuffling, alternation, reciprocity, castling (at chess), hocus-pocus, interchangeableness, interchangeability, recombination, combination, barter, tit for tat, cross fire, battledore and shuttlecock, quid pro quo, interchanged, reciprocal, mutual, commutative, interchangeable, intercurrent, combinatorial, recombinant, in exchange, vice versa, mutatis mutandis, backwards and forwards, by turns, turn and turn about, each in his turn, everyone in his turn.


N displacement, elocation, transposition, ejectment, exile, removal, misplacement, dislocation, fish out of water, displaced, unplaced, unhoused, unharbored, unestablished, unsettled, houseless, homeless, out of place, out of a situation, in the wrong place, misplaced, out of its element.


N inversion, eversion, subversion, reversion, retroversion, introversion, contraposition, contrariety, reversal, turn of the tide, overturn, somersault, somerset, summerset, culbute, revulsion, pirouette, transposition, transposal, anastrophy, metastasis, hyperbaton, anastrophe, hysteron proteron, hypallage, synchysis, tmesis, parenthesis, metathesis, palindrome, pronation and supination, inverted, wrong side out, wrong side up, inside out, upside down, bottom upwards, keel upwards, supine, on one's head, topsy-turvy, sens dessus dessous, inverse, reverse, opposite, top heavy, inversely, hirdy-girdy, heels over head, head over heels.


N transfer, transference, translocation, elocation, displacement, metastasis, metathesis, removal, remotion, amotion, relegation, deportation, asportation, extradition, conveyance, draft, carrying, carriage, convection, conduction, contagion, transfer, transit, transition, passage, ferry, gestation, portage, porterage, carting, cartage, shoveling, vection, vecture, vectitation, shipment, freight, wafture, transmission, transport, transportation, importation, exportation, transumption, transplantation, translation, shifting, dodging, dispersion, transposition, traction, drift, transferred, drifted, movable, portable, portative, mailable, contagious, from hand to hand, from pillar to post, on the way, by the way, on the road, on the wing, under way, in transit, on course, as one goes, in transitu, en route, chemin faisant, en passant, in mid progress, in mid course.

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