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transportment | transposability | transposable | transposal | transpose | transposed | transposer | transposition | transpositional | transpositive | transposon


Verb (usu participle)



arsy-varsy, ass over elbows, back-to-front, backwards, capsized, changeable, chiastic, commutable, commutative, convertible, equal, equalizing, equivalent, even, everted, exchanged, give-and-take, hyperbatic, inside out, interchangeable, interchanged, introverted, invaginated, inversed, inverted, mutual, outside in, palindromic, permutable, reciprocal, reciprocating, reciprocative, resupinate, retaliatory, retroverted, returnable, reversed, standard, swapped, switched, topsy-turvy, traded, upside-down, wrong side out

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