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transmigrationn. [F. transmigration, L. transmigratio.].
  •  The act of passing from one country to another; migration.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The passing of the soul at death into another mortal body; metempsychosis.  [1913 Webster]



avatar, catabolism, catalysis, communication, conduction, consubstantiation, contagion, convection, corporealization, delivery, deportation, diapedesis, diffusion, displacement, dissemination, embodiment, emigration, expatriation, export, exportation, expulsion, extradition, flight, heterotopia, immigration, import, importation, in-migration, incarnation, incorporation, interchange, intermigration, materialization, metabolism, metagenesis, metamorphism, metamorphosis, metastasis, metathesis, metempsychosis, migration, mutant, mutated form, mutation, mutual transfer, osmosis, out-migration, passage, passing over, perfusion, permutation, personification, reembodiment, reincarnation, remigration, run, sport, spread, spreading, substantiation, swarm, swarming, transanimation, transduction, transfer, transfer of property, transference, transfiguration, transfigurement, transformation, transformism, transfusion, transit, transition, translation, translocation, transmigration of souls, transmission, transmittal, transmittance, transmogrification, transmutation, transplacement, transplantation, transposal, transposition, transubstantiation, travel, trek




N change, alteration, mutation, permutation, variation, modification, modulation, inflexion, mood, qualification, innovation, metastasis, deviation, turn, evolution, revolution, diversion, break, transformation, transfiguration, metamorphosis, transmutation, deoxidization, transubstantiation, mutagenesis transanimation, transmigration, metempsychosis, avatar, alterative, conversion, revolution &c (sudden or radical change), inversion, displacement, transference, changeableness, tergiversation, changed, newfangled, changeable, transitional, modifiable, alterative, mutatis mutandis, Int, quantum mutatus!, a change came o'er the spirit of my dream, nous avons change tout cela, tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis, non sum qualis eram, casaque tourner, corpora lente augescent cito extinguuntur, in statu quo ante bellum, still ending and beginning still, vox audita perit littera scripta manet.


N conversion, reduction, transmutation, resolution, assimilation, evolution, sea change, change of state, assumption, naturalization, transportation, development, developing, conversion of currency, exchange of currency, exchange rate, bureau de change, chemistry, alchemy, progress, growth, lapse, flux, passage, transit, transition, transmigration, shifting, phase, conjugation, convertibility, crucible, alembic, caldron, retort, convert, pervert, renegade, apostate, converted into, convertible, resolvable into, transitional, naturalized, gradually, &c (slowly) 275 in transitu.

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