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transferablea. [Cf. F. transférable.].
  •  Capable of being transferred or conveyed from one place or person to another.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Negotiable, as a note, bill of exchange, or other evidence of property, that may be conveyed from one person to another by indorsement or other writing; capable of being transferred with no loss of value; as, the stocks of most public companies are transferable; some tickets are not transferable.  [1913 Webster]


transferable, adj. capable of being transferred.

transferable vote a vote that can be transferred to another candidate if the first choice is eliminated.
transferability n.



alienable, assignable, bequeathable, communicable, conductive, consignable, contagious, conveyable, devisable, expressable, heritable, impartable, inheritable, interchangeable, mailable, metathetic, movable, negotiable, portable, portative, removable, transfusable, transmissible, transmissive, transmittable, transportable, transportative, transposable

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