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     A cloud charged with electricity, and producing lightning and thunder.  [1913 Webster]


thundercloud, n. a cumulus cloud with a tall diffuse top, charged with electricity and producing thunder and lightning.



Cloudcuckooland, alto-cumulus, alto-stratus, angry clouds, anvil cloud, banner cloud, billowy cloud, black cat, black clouds, broken mirror, cap cloud, cirro-cumulus, cirro-fillum, cirro-nebula, cirro-stratus, cirro-velum, cirrus, cirrus cloud, cirrus haze, cirrus stripe, cloud, cloud band, cloud bank, cloud drift, cloud mass, cloud street, cloudland, cloudling, cloudscape, cocktail, cottony cloud, cumulo-cirro-stratus, cumulo-cirrus, cumulo-nimbus, cumulo-stratus, cumulus, cumulus cloud, curl cloud, danger sign, early symptom, falling barometer, fleecy cloud, fractocumulus, gathering clouds, halcyon bird, high fog, high sign, mackerel sky, mammatocumulus, mushroom cloud, nimbus, nimbus cloud, omen, owl, precursor, preliminary sign, premonitory sign, premonitory symptom, prodroma, prodrome, quarantine flag, rain cloud, rainbow, raven, red flag, red light, scud, shooting star, skull and crossbones, snail cloud, squall cloud, storm cloud, storm clouds, storm petrel, stormy petrel, strato-cumulus, stratus, stratus cloud, symptom, thunderhead, warning sign, warning signal, water carrier, woolpack, yellow flag, yellow jack

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