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Verb (intransitive)


thrivev. i. [OE. , Icel. ; probably originally, to grasp for one's self, from to grasp; akin to Dan. trives to thrive, Sw. trifvas. Cf. Thrift.].
  •  To prosper by industry, economy, and good management of property; to increase in goods and estate; as, a farmer thrives by good husbandry.  [1913 Webster]
    "Diligence and humility is the way to thrive in the riches of the understanding, as well as in gold."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To prosper in any business; to have increase or success.  Sandys.  [1913 Webster]
    "O son, why sit we here, each other viewing
    Idly, while Satan, our great author, thrives?
    "  [1913 Webster]
    "And so she throve and prospered."  [1913 Webster]
  •  To increase in bulk or stature; to grow vigorously or luxuriantly, as a plant; to flourish; as, young cattle thrive in rich pastures; trees thrive in a good soil.  [1913 Webster]


thrive, v.intr. (past throve or thrived; past part. thriven or thrived)
1 prosper or flourish.
2 grow rich.
3 (of a child, animal, or plant) grow vigorously.

ME f. ON thr{iacute}fask refl. of thr{iacute}fa grasp



advance, arrive, batten, be energetic, be vigorous, bloom, blossom, boom, brew, burgeon, burst with energy, come on, develop, fatten, flourish, flower, fructify, gather, germinate, go, grow, grow fat, grow up, have energy, hypertrophy, increase, make out, mature, mushroom, outgrow, overdevelop, overflow with energy, overgrow, overtop, procreate, progress, prosper, pullulate, reproduce, ripen, score, shoot up, spring up, sprout, sprout up, succeed, tower, turn out well, upshoot, upspear, upspring, upsprout, vegetate, wax




VB prosper, thrive, flourish, be prosperous, drive a roaring trade, do a booming business, go on well, go on smoothly, go on swimmingly, sail before the wind, swim with the tide, run smooth, run smoothly, run on all fours, rise in the world, get on in the world, work one's way, make one's way, look up, lift one's head, raise one's head, make one's fortune, feather one's nest, make one's pile, flower, blow, blossom, bloom, fructify, bear fruit, fatten, keep oneself afloat, keep one's head above water, hold one's head above water, land on one's feet, light on one's feet, light on one's legs, fall on one's legs, fall on one's feet, drop into a good thing, bear a charmed life, bask in the sunshine, have a good time of it, have a fine time of it, have a run of luck, have the good fortune, to, take a favorable turn, live on the fat of the land, live off the fat of the land, live in clover.

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