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36 in 36 verses (in OT : 28 in 28 verses) (in NT : 8 in 8 verses)


     In a thorough manner; fully; entirely; completely.  [1913 Webster]



absolutely, altogether, assiduously, backwards and forwards, carefully, cautiously, circumspectly, completely, comprehensively, conscientiously, considerately, definitely, diligently, dingdong, downright, earnestly, entirely, exceedingly, exceptionally, exhaustively, extensively, extremely, faultlessly, flawlessly, fully, globally, heedfully, highly, hugely, hundred per cent, ideally, immaculately, impeccably, in and out, in full, in full measure, inclusively, industriously, infallibly, inside out, integrally, intensely, intensively, item by item, just right, largely, lovingly, methodically, meticulously, mindfully, notably, one and all, outright, painstakingly, perfectly, plumb, positively, purely, quite, rattling, regardfully, remarkably, roundly, scrupulously, sedulously, solicitously, spotlessly, strikingly, tenderly, thoroughgoingly, thoughtfully, throughout, to the hilt, totally, tout a fait, unconditionally, unremittingly, unreservedly, up and down, utterly, wholly, with care, with great care

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