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thinning (root: thin)




Sanforizing, abatement, adulteration, atrophy, attenuation, attrition, blunting, consumption, contour plowing, cultivating, cultivation, culture, cutting, damping, deadening, debilitation, devitalization, diluent, dilution, dissolvent, dressing, drying, drying up, dulling, effemination, emaceration, emaciation, enervation, enfeeblement, etherealization, evisceration, exhaustion, extenuation, fallowing, fatigue, furrowing, harrowing, hoeing, inanition, languishment, listing, mitigation, parching, plowing, preshrinkage, pruning, rarefaction, reduction, relaxation, resolutive, resolvent, searing, shrinkage, shrinking, shriveling, slackening, softening, solvent, subtilization, tilling, wasting, weakening, weeding, withering, working

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