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thinner (root: thin)



     One who thins, or makes thinner.  [1913 Webster]


thinner, n. a volatile liquid used to dilute paint etc.



anticoagulant, chromogen, coat, coat of paint, coating, color, color filter, color gelatin, colorant, coloring, dead-color, diluent, dilutant, dissolvent, dissolving agent, distemper, drier, dye, dyestuff, exterior paint, flat coat, flat wash, floor enamel, flux, ground, interior paint, liquefacient, liquefier, medium, opaque color, paint, pigment, prime coat, primer, priming, resolutive, resolvent, solvent, stain, tempera, tinction, tincture, transparent color, turpentine, turps, undercoat, undercoating, vehicle, wash, wash coat

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