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theophanyn. [Gr. ; God + to appear.].
     A manifestation of God to man by actual appearance, usually as an incarnation.  [1913 Webster]


theophany, n. (pl. -ies) a visible manifestation of God or a god to man.



Christophany, Masan, Satanophany, afflatus, angelophany, apocalypse, apparition, appearance, appearing, arising, astral, astral spirit, avatar, banshee, coming, coming into being, coming-forth, control, departed spirit, direct communication, disclosure, disembodied spirit, dissemination, divine inspiration, divine revelation, duppy, dybbuk, eidolon, embodiment, emergence, epiphany, evidence, evincement, exposure, expression, form, forthcoming, ghost, grateful dead, guide, hant, haunt, idolum, immateriality, incarnation, incorporeal, incorporeal being, incorporeity, indication, inspiration, issuance, larva, lemures, manes, manifestation, materialization, materializing, mystical experience, mysticism, occurrence, oni, opening, phantasm, phantasma, phantom, pneumatophany, poltergeist, presence, presentation, proof, prophecy, publication, realization, revelation, revenant, rise, rising, shade, shadow, shape, showing, showing forth, shrouded spirit, specter, spectral ghost, spirit, spook, sprite, theophania, theopneustia, theopneusty, unfolding, unfoldment, unsubstantiality, vision, walking dead man, wandering soul, wraith, zombie



Judeo-Christian Revelation

N Judeo-christian revelation, revelation, inspiration, afflatus, theophany, theopneusty, Word, Word of God, Scripture, the Scriptures, the Bible, Holy Writ, Holy Scriptures, inspired writings, Gospel, Old Testament, Septuagint, Vulgate, Pentateuch, Octateuch, the Law, the Jewish Law, the Prophets, major Prophets, minor Prophets, Hagiographa, Hagiology, Hierographa, Apocrypha, New Testament, Gospels, Evangelists, Acts, Epistles, Apocalypse, Revelations, Talmud, Mishna, Masorah, prophet, evangelist, apostle, disciple, saint, the Fathers, the Apostolical Fathers, Holy Men of old, inspired penmen, scriptural, biblical, sacred, prophetic, evangelical, evangelistic, apostolic, apostolical, inspired, theopneustic, theophneusted, apocalyptic, ecclesiastical, canonical, textuary.

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