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     Of or pertaining to temperament; constitutional.  Sir T. Browne.  [1913 Webster]


temperamental, adj.
1 of or having temperament.
2 a (of a person) liable to erratic or moody behaviour. b (of a thing, e.g. a machine) working unpredictably; unreliable.

temperamentally adv.



affective, arbitrary, atavistic, bluff, bodily, born, brusque, capricious, changeable, characteristic, coeval, congenital, connatal, connate, connatural, constitutional, crabbed, crabby, cranky, crotchety, curt, dispositional, emotional, erratic, excitable, explosive, fanciful, fantasied, fantastic, fickle, flaky, freakish, genetic, grouchy, gruff, grumpy, harebrained, hereditary, high-strung, hot-blooded, hot-tempered, hotheaded, huffish, huffy, humorsome, hypersensitive, impatient, in the blood, inborn, inbred, incarnate, inconsistent, indigenous, inherited, innate, instinctive, instinctual, intellectual, irascible, irritable, kinky, maggoty, mental, mercurial, miffy, moody, motiveless, native, native to, natural, natural to, notional, organic, oversensitive, peevish, petulant, physical, prickly, primal, quirky, sensitive, short, short-tempered, snappish, spiritual, testy, tetchy, thin-skinned, ticklish, touchy, uncertain, undependable, uneven, unpredictable, unreasonable, unreliable, unrestrained, unstable, vagarious, vagrant, variable, volatile, wanton, waspish, wayward, whimsical

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