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Noun, Verb (usu participle), Adjective


tarta. [AS. teart. √63. Cf. Tear, v. t.].
  •  Sharp to the taste; acid; sour; as, a tart apple.  [1913 Webster]
  •  Fig.: Sharp; keen; severe; as, a tart reply; tart language; a tart rebuke.  [1913 Webster]
    "Why art thou tart, my brother?"  [1913 Webster]
tartn. [OE. tarte, F. tarte; perhaps originally the same word as tourte, LL. torta, fr. L. tortus, p. p. of torquere to twist, bend, wind, because tarts were originally made of a twisted shape. Cf. Torture, n.].
     A species of small open pie, or piece of pastry, containing jelly or conserve; a sort of fruit pie.  [1913 Webster]


tart, n.
1 an open pastry case containing jam etc.
2 esp. Brit. a pie with a fruit or sweet filling.

tartlet n.
tart, n. & v.
--n. sl.
1 a prostitute; a promiscuous woman.
2 sl. offens. a girl or woman.
--v. (foll. by up) esp. Brit. colloq.
1 tr. (usu. refl.) smarten (oneself or a thing) up, esp. flashily or gaudily.
2 intr. dress up gaudily.

tart, adj.
1 sharp or acid in taste.
2 (of a remark etc.) cutting, bitter.

tartly adv. tartness n.
OE teart, of unkn. orig.



Danish pastry, French pastry, Jezebel, abusive, acerb, acerbate, acerbic, acescent, acetose, acetous, acid, acidic, acidulated, acidulent, acidulous, acrid, acrimonious, amaroidal, astringent, bad woman, baggage, baklava, barbed, bimbo, bitch, biting, bitter, bitter as gall, blintz, broad, caustic, chippy, chocolate eclair, clitoromaniac, coarse, cocotte, corroding, corrosive, courtesan, crab, crabbed, cream puff, crusty, cutting, cynical, double-edged, dowdy, doxy, drab, dry, easy lay, easy woman, eclair, edged, escharotic, fallen woman, fierce, fille de joie, flan, floozy, frail sister, green, grisette, hard, harlot, harridan, harsh, hooker, hussy, hysteromaniac, incisive, jade, keen, loose woman, mordacious, mordant, nasty, nymph, nymphet, nympho, nymphomaniac, pandowdy, pastry, pasty, patisserie, patty, patty-shell, penetrating, pickled, pickup, pie, piercing, piquant, poignant, prostitute, puff, pungent, quean, quiche, rigorous, rosette, rough, sarcastic, sardonic, satirical, scathing, scorching, sec, severe, sharp, slut, sour, sour as vinegar, soured, sourish, stabbing, stinging, streetwalker, strident, stringent, strudel, strumpet, tangy, tartish, testy, timbale, tipsy cake, trenchant, trifle, trollop, trull, turnover, unripe, unsweet, unsweetened, uteromaniac, vehement, vicious, vinegarish, vinegary, violent, virulent, vitriolic, vol-au-vent, wanton, wench, whore, withering, working girl




N sweetness, dulcitude, sugar, syrup, treacle, molasses, honey, manna, confection, confectionary, sweets, grocery, conserve, preserve, confiture, jam, julep, sugar-candy, sugar-plum, licorice, marmalade, plum, lollipop, bonbon, jujube, comfit, sweetmeat, apple butter, caramel, damson, glucose, maple sirup, maple syrup, maple sugar, mithai, sorghum, taffy, nectar, hydromel, mead, meade, metheglin, honeysuckle, liqueur, sweet wine, aperitif, sugar cane, sugar beets, desert, pastry, pie, cake, candy, ice cream, tart, puff, pudding (food), dulcification, dulcoration, sweetener, corn syrup, cane sugar, refined sugar, beet sugar, dextrose, artificial sweetener, saccharin, cyclamate, aspartame, Sweet'N Low, sweet, saccharine, sacchariferous, dulcet, candied, honied, luscious, lush, nectarious, melliferous, sweetened, sweet as a nut, sweet as sugar, sweet as honey, sickly sweet, eau sucr_ee, sweets to the sweet.


N sourness, acid, acidity, low pH, acetous fermentation, lactic fermentation, vinegar, verjuice, crab, alum, acetic acid, lactic acid, sour, acid, acidulous, acidulated, tart, crabbed, acetous, acetose, acerb, acetic, sour as vinegar, sourish, acescent, subacid, styptic, hard, rough, sour as a lemon, (4) Odor.

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