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syllepsisn. [L., fr. Gr. sy`llhpsis a taking together, from . See syllable, n.].
  •  A figure of speech by which a word is used in a literal and metaphorical sense at the same time.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The agreement of a verb or adjective with one, rather than another, of two nouns, with either of which it might agree in gender, number, etc.; as, rex et regina beati.  [1913 Webster]


syllepsis, n. (pl. syllepses) a figure of speech in which a word is applied to two others in different senses (e.g. caught the train and a bad cold) or to two others of which it grammatically suits one only (e.g. neither they nor it is working) (cf. ZEUGMA).

sylleptic adj. sylleptically adv.
LL f. Gk sullepsis taking together f. sullambano: see SYLLABLE

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