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Noun, Verb (transitive), Verb (intransitive)


squishv. i. [Perh. imitative. Cf. Squelch.].
     To make the sound of squirting water, like that made by the feet of one walking in mud or slush; to make a kind of gushing, swashing, or splashing sound; to move with such a sound.  [PJC]
     A sound like that made by the feet of one walking in mud or slush; a gushing, swashing, or splashing sound; a squishing sound.  [PJC]


squish, n. & v.
--n. a slight squelching sound.
1 intr. move with a squish.
2 tr. colloq. squash, squeeze.

squishy adj. (squishier, squishiest).



assibilate, assibilation, atomize, bear, break into pieces, break to pieces, break up, buzz, crash, crowd, crunch, crush, cut to pieces, demolish, diffuse, disperse, disrupt, effervesce, effervescence, effervescing, fission, fizz, fizzle, fizzling, fragment, frication, frictional rustling, grind, hiss, hissing, hush, hushing, jam, lisp, make mincemeat of, mince, pulverize, push, rhonchus, scatter, shatter, shiver, shush, shushing, sibilance, sibilate, sibilation, siffle, sigmatism, siss, sissing, sizz, sizzle, sizzling, smash, smash up, sneeze, sneezing, sniff, sniffle, snore, snort, snuff, snuffle, spit, splinter, splutter, sputter, squab, squash, squeeze, squelch, sternutation, stertor, swish, wheeze, whish, whistle, whistling, white noise, whiz, whoosh, zip

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