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Little Joe, accommodation, adaptation, adjustment, amends, assimilation, atonement, attunement, biquadrate, coaptation, compensation, composition, compromise, coordination, expiation, expiatory offering, four, four-part diaphony, foursome, harmonization, indemnification, indemnity, integration, making amends, making good, making right, making up, paying back, peace offering, piaculum, propitiation, quad, quadrangle, quadrature, quadrennium, quadrilateral, quadrille, quadrinomial, quadruplet, quartet, quatern, quaternary, quaternion, quaternity, quatrefoil, quittance, reclamation, recompense, reconcilement, reconciliation, rectangle, redemption, redress, refund, regulation, reimbursement, reparation, repayment, requital, restitution, retribution, satisfaction, square, square dance, synchronization, tetrad, tetragon, tetragram, tetragrammaton, tetrahedron, tetralogy, tetraphony, tetrapody, timing

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