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splitting (root: split)


Adjective, Noun
1 in 1 verses (in NT : 1 in 1 verses)



abscission, acute, amputation, apportionment, budgeting, butchering, catalysis, catalyst, chopping, cleavage, cutting, cutting the pie, decay, dialysis, dichotomy, dissociation, dividing, division, divvy, drastic, enucleation, excessive, excision, exorbitant, extravagant, extreme, fierce, fission, furious, great, hydrolysis, hydrolyst, immoderate, intemperate, intense, keen, laceration, mutilation, outrageous, parceling, partition, partitioning, photolysis, piercing, portioning, rationing, rending, repartition, resection, rigorous, ripping, rough, scission, section, severance, severe, sharing, sharing out, sharp, slashing, slicing, surgery, tearing, thermolysis, tough, unconscionable, vehement, venomous, violent, virulent




N brittleness, fragility, friability, frangibility, fissibility, house of cards, house of glass, brittle, brash, breakable, weak, frangible, fragile, frail, gimcrack, shivery, fissile, splitting, lacerable, splintery, crisp, crimp, short, brittle as glass.

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