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Adjective, Noun


spirantn. [L. spirans, -antis, p. pr. of spirare to breathe. See Spirit.].
     A term used differently by different authorities; -- by some as equivalent to fricative, -- that is, as including all the continuous consonants, except the nasals m, n, ng; with the further exception, by others, of the liquids r, l, and the semivowels w, y; by others limited to f, v, th surd and sonant, and the sound of German ch, -- thus excluding the sibilants, as well as the nasals, liquids, and semivowels. See Guide to Pronunciation, 1913 Webster]


spirant, adj. & n. Phonet.
--adj. (of a consonant) uttered with a continuous expulsion of breath, esp. fricative.
--n. such a consonant.

L spirare spirant- breathe

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