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speculatorn. [L., a spy, explorer, investigator: cf. F. spéculateur.].
     One who speculates. Specifically: (a) An observer; a contemplator; hence, a spy; a watcher.  Sir T. Browne.  [1913 Webster]
    "A speculator who had dared to affirm that the human soul is by nature mortal."  [1913 Webster]



adventurer, armchair authority, betting ring, bettor, big operator, boneshaker, cardshark, cardsharp, cardsharper, casuist, compulsive gambler, cosmologist, crap shooter, doctrinaire, doctrinarian, gambler, gamester, gunslinger, hazarder, hypothesist, hypothesizer, lame duck, margin purchaser, metaphysician, operator, petty gambler, philosophaster, philosophe, philosopher, philosophizer, piker, player, plunger, punter, scalper, sharp, sharper, sharpie, smart operator, sophist, sport, sporting man, sportsman, stag, theoretic, theoretician, theorist, theorizer, thinker, tinhorn, tipster, tout, venturer, wagerer



Stock Market

N stock market, stock exchange, securities exchange, bourse, board, the big board, the New York Stock Exchange, the market, the open market, over-the-counter market, privately traded issues, commodities exchange, futures exchange, futures market, the pit, the floor, ticker, stock ticker, quotation, stock index, market index, the Dow Jones Index, the Dow Industrials, the transportation index, utilities, the utilities index, the New York Stock Exchange index, the Nikkei index, the Financial Times index, the FTI, the over-the-counter index, NASDAQ index, broker, stockbroker, jobber, stock dealer, odd-lot dealer, specialist, investor, speculator, operator, bull, buyer, bear, short seller, scalper, arbitrager, arbitrageur, stockholder, share-holder, stockholder of record, bond holder, coupon- clipper, investment, speculation.

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