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3 in 2 verses (in NT : 3 in 2 verses)



cannily, carefully, charily, economically, frugally, husbandly, in moderation, meagerly, moderately, poorly, providently, prudently, punily, scantily, slightly, sparely, sparsely, stintingly, temperately, thin, thriftily, within bounds, within compass




N economy, frugality, thrift, thriftiness, care, husbandry, good housewifery, savingness, retrenchment, savings, prevention of waste, save-all, cheese parings and candle ends, parsimony, cost-cutting, cost control, economical, frugal, careful, thrifty, saving, chary, spare, sparing, parsimonious, underpaid, sparingly, ne quid nimis, adde parvum parvo magnus acervus erit, magnum est vectigal parsimonia.

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