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sonar, n.
1 a system for the underwater detection of objects by reflected or emitted sound.
2 an apparatus for this.

sound navigation and ranging, after radar



astronavigation, bathometry, bathymetry, celestial navigation, chronometer, coastwise navigation, consolan, dead reckoning, depth sounding, echo sounding, echolocation, fathomage, fathoming, fix, line of position, loran, oceanography, pilotage, plane sailing, point-to-point navigation, radar, radio beacon, radio navigation, sextant, shoran, sofar, sounding, soundings, tables, water




N depth, deepness, profundity, depression, hollow, pit, shaft, well, crater, gulf, bowels of the earth, botttomless pit, hell, soundings, depth of water, water, draught, submersion, plummet, sound, probe, sounding rod, sounding line, lead, bathymetry, sonar, side-looking sonar, bathometer, deep, deep seated, profound, sunk, buried, submerged, subaqueous, submarine, subterranean, subterraneous, subterrene, underground, bottomless, soundless, fathomless, unfathomed, unfathomable, abysmal, deep as a well, bathycolpian, benthal, benthopelagic, downreaching, yawning, knee deep, ankle deep, beyond one's depth, out of one's depth, over head and ears, mark twine, mark twain.

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