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     Pertaining to the game of skittles.  [1913 Webster]
Skittle alley, an alley or court in which the game of skittles is played. -- Skittle ball, a disk or flattish ball of wood for throwing at the pins in the game of skittles.


skittle, n. & v.
1 a pin used in the game of skittles.
2 (in pl.; usu. treated as sing.) a a game like ninepins played with usu. nine wooden pins set up at the end of an alley to be bowled down usu. with wooden balls or a wooden disc. b (in full table skittles) a game played with similar pins set up on a board to be knocked down by swinging a suspended ball. c colloq. chess not played seriously.
--v.tr. (often foll. by out) Cricket get (batsmen) out in rapid succession.

17th c. (also kittle-pins): orig. unkn.

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