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Noun, Verb (intransitive)


skedaddlev. i. [Of uncertain etymology.].
     To betake one's self to flight, as if in a panic; to flee; to run away.  [1913 Webster]


skedaddle, v. & n. colloq.
--v.intr. run away, depart quickly, flee.
--n. a hurried departure or flight.

19th c.: orig. unkn.



abscond, absquatulate, back out, beat a retreat, begone, boggle, bolt, career, chicken, chicken out, clear out, cut and run, cut out, dart, dash, decamp, depart, desert, desert under fire, dog it, elope, falter, fight shy, flee, fling, fly, fugitate, funk, funk out, get cold feet, go AWOL, haste, hasten, hie, hightail, hump, hump it, hurry, hurtle, jib, jump, jump a mile, jump bail, kite, lam, levant, lose courage, make haste, make off, panic, post, powder, race, run, run away, run away from, run away with, run for it, run off, rush, scamper, scoot, scour, scram, scramble, screw, scud, scurry, scuttle, shoot, show the heels, shy, skip, skip out, slip the cable, split, stampede, start, start aside, startle, step on it, take French leave, take a powder, take flight, take off, take to flight, take wing, tear, turn tail, vamoose




VB abstain, refrain, spare, not attempt, not do, maintain the even tenor of one's way, eschew, keep from, let alone, have nothing to do with, keep aloof keep off, stand aloof, stand off, hold aloof, hold off, take no part in, have no hand in, avoid, shun, steer clear of, keep clear of, fight shy of, keep one's distance, keep at a respectful distance, keep out of the way, get out of the way, evade, elude, turn away from, set one's face against, deny oneself, shrink back, hang back, hold back, draw back, recoil, retire, flinch, blink, blench, shy, shirk, dodge, parry, make way for, give place to, beat a retreat, turn tail, turn one's back, take to one's heels, runaway, run for one's life, cut and run, be off like a shot, fly, flee, fly away, flee away, run away from, take flight, take to flight, desert, elope, make off, scamper off, sneak off, shuffle off, sheer off, break away, tear oneself away, slip away, slink away, steel away, make away from, scamper away from, sneak away from, shuffle away from, sheer away from, slip cable, part company, turn one's heel, sneak out of, play truant, give one the go by, give leg bail, take French leave, slope, decamp, flit, bolt, abscond, levant, skedaddle, absquatulat, cut one's stick, walk one's chalks, show a light pair of heels, make oneself scarce, escape, go away, abandon, reject, lead one a dance, lead one a pretty dance, throw off the scent, play at hide and seek, Adj, unsought, unattempted, avoiding, neutral, shy of, elusive, evasive, fugitive, runaway, shy, wild.

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