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sickle cell anemia


Noun Phrase


sickle cell anemia

Christmas disease, Hand-Schuller-Christian disease, Hartnup disease, Letterer-Siwe syndrome, Werdnig-Hoffmann disease, achromatic vision, acute leukemia, albinism, anemia, angiohemophilia, aplastic anemia, chronic leukemia, color blindness, cyclic neutropenia, cystic fibrosis, dichromatic vision, dysautonomia, erythrocytosis, hemoglobinopathy, hemophilia, hemophilia A, hemophilia B, hypochromic anemia, ichthyosis, infectious granuloma, iron deficiency anemia, leukemia, leukemic reticuloendotheliosis, macrocytic anemia, mongolianism, mongolism, mucoviscidosis, multiple myeloma, muscular dystrophy, myelogenous leukemia, neutropenia, pancreatic fibrosis, pernicious anemia, plasma cell leukemia, plasmacytoma, polycythemia, pseudoleukemia, purpura, purpura hemorrhagica, thalassemia, vascular hemophilia

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