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121 in 114 verses (in OT : 93 in 86 verses) (in NT : 28 in 28 verses)


sexuala. [L. sexualis, fr. sexus sex: cf. F. sexuel.].
     Of or pertaining to sex, or the sexes; distinguishing sex; peculiar to the distinction and office of male or female; relating to the distinctive genital organs of the sexes; proceeding from, or based upon, sex; as, sexual characteristics; sexual intercourse, connection, or commerce; sexual desire; sexual diseases; sexual generation.  [1913 Webster]
    "In these cases, therefore, natural selection seems to have acted independently of sexual selection."  [1913 Webster]


sexual, adj.
1 of or relating to sex, or to the sexes or the relations between them.
2 Bot. (of classification) based on the distinction of sexes in plants.
3 Biol. having a sex.

sexual intercourse the insertion of a man's erect penis into a woman's vagina, usu. followed by the ejaculation of semen.
sexuality n. sexually adv.
LL sexualis (as SEX)



amative, amatory, amorous, animal, aphrodisiomaniacal, ardent, bawdy, bodily, caressive, carnal, clitoromaniacal, concupiscent, coquettish, coy, desirous, dirty, earthy, erogenic, erogenous, erotic, eroticomaniacal, erotogenic, erotomaniacal, fleshly, flirtatious, flirty, gametic, gamic, genital, goatish, gynecomaniacal, heterosexual, horny, hot, hysteromaniacal, impassioned, ithyphallic, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, libidinal, libidinous, lickerish, loverlike, loverly, lubricious, lustful, nuptial, nymphomaniacal, obscene, oversexed, passionate, physical, potent, priapic, procreant, procreative, propagative, prurient, randy, reproductive, salacious, satyric, seminal, sensual, sensuous, sex, sexed, sexlike, sexy, spermatic, spermatozoal, spermatozoan, spermatozoic, spermic, sporal, sporogenous, sporoid, sporous, straight, undersexed, venereal, voluptuous




N sex, sexuality, gender, male, masculinity, maleness, female, femininity, sexual intercourse, copulation, mating, coitus, sex, lovemaking, marital relations, sexual union, sleeping together, carnal knowledge, sex instinct, sex drive, libido, lust, concupiscence, hots, horns, arousal, heat, rut, estrus, oestrus, tumescence, erection, hard-on, boner, masturbation, self-gratification, autoeroticism, onanism, self- abuse, orgasm, climax, ejaculation, sexiness, attractiveness, sensuality, voluptuousness, fornication, adultery, sex symbol, sex goddess, stud, hunk, one-night stand, pornography, porn, porno, hardcore pornography, softcore pornography, pin-up, cheesecake, beefcake, Playboy, Esquire, Hustler, perversion, deviation, sexual abnormality, fetish, fetishism, homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, sodomy, buggery, pederasty, sadism, masochism, sado-masochism, incest, sexy, erotic, sexual, carnal, sensual, hot, horny, randy, rutting, passionate, lusty, hot-blooded, libidinous, up, in the mood, homosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual.

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