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scutellumn. [NL., neut. dim. of L. scutum a shield.].
  •  A rounded apothecium having an elevated rim formed of the proper thallus, the fructification of certain lichens.  [1913 Webster]
  •  The third of the four pieces forming the upper part of a thoracic segment of an insect. It follows the scutum, and is followed by the small postscutellum; a scutella. See Thorax.  [1913 Webster]


scutellum, n. (pl. scutella) Bot. & Zool. a scale, plate, or any shieldlike formation on a plant, insect, bird, etc., esp. one of the horny scales on a bird's foot.

scutellate adj. scutellation n.
mod.L dimin. of L scutum shield

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