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Noun, Verb (transitive)


scuppern. [OF. escopir, escupir, to spit, perhaps for escospir, L. ex + conspuere to spit upon; pref. con- + spuere to spit. Cf. Spit, v.].
     An opening cut through the waterway and bulwarks of a ship, so that water falling on deck may flow overboard; -- called also scupper hole.  [1913 Webster]
Scupper hose (Naut.), a pipe of leather, canvas, etc., attached to the mouth of the scuppers, on the outside of a vessel, to prevent the water from entering. Totten. -- Scupper nail (Naut.), a nail with a very broad head, for securing the edge of the hose to the scupper. -- Scupper plug (Naut.), a plug to stop a scupper. Totten.


scupper, n. a hole in a ship's side to carry off water from the deck.

scupper, v.tr. Brit. sl.
1 sink (a ship or its crew).
2 defeat or ruin (a plan etc.).
3 kill.

19th c.: orig. unkn.




N conduit, channel, duct, watercourse, race, head race, tail race, abito, aboideau, aboiteau, bito, acequia, acequiador, acequiamadre, arroyo, adit, aqueduct, canal, trough, gutter, pantile, flume, ingate, runner, lock-weir, tedge, vena, dike, main, gully, moat, ditch, drain, sewer, culvert, cloaca, sough, kennel, siphon, piscina, pipe, funnel, tunnel, water pipe, waste pipe, emunctory, gully hole, artery, aorta, pore, spout, scupper, adjutage, ajutage, hose, gargoyle, gurgoyle, penstock, weir, flood gate, water gate, sluice, lock, valve, rose, waterworks, pipeline, vascular.

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